Message From President
Dearest friends and valuable customers,
Aidi Family started the Ship chandler businesses Since 1936 with our grand-father, who managed to build up a successful career. Having worked with his father and grasped all the experience of ship chandelling, Mr. Mohamad Aidi decided to carry on in this field in which he showed up a big competence and a renowned reputation by setting up the Syarn Ship Supply Company.
Nowadays, everyone is concerned with the wind of change and our experience proved that we can meet our strategic goals when we manage the "service side". Having a good management, we believe we can satisfy the specific needs of our clients. With this aim we changed our logo and our web site. But we haven't changed our vision to things and our objectives, neither have we changed our principles in the way we make business.
Our aim is to be a company, which sustains and enhances the way we cater to your demands and your expectations. We are aiming at change and renewal in order to reposit on the supply market and open up to our customers to the most secluded ones. We can assure you that we will pursue our efforts under our new standard to take all the necessary steps to get the best results for your satisfaction.
We would like to thank our old time customers for supporting us for so many consecutive years and all the new comers, for the trust they have shown us on our work. During all those years we, as a team, have learned how to collaborate hand in hand, and acquire day by day a mutual trust and understanding. We are grateful to have you all as our clients and we hope that we will maintain this trustworthy business relationship for several years more.
We count on your support to help us grow up and serve you better.

Sincerely yours,
Mohamad Aidi
President Of Syarn Ship Sypply
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