About us
Syarn Ship Supply is a renowned and dynamic company that is based in Sfax, the industrial capital of Tunisia.
Syarn Ship Supply provides marine and offshore supplies, marine equipment, spare parts and services. Besides we supply all kinds of ships, vessels and any offshore industry especially, Oil well stimulation vessels, Oil drilling rig and Seismic survey vessels.
Mission, Vision & Values
Syarn Ship Supply is the leading ship supplier of Tunisia that functions at all ports. Our company delivers goods, anytime; anywhere: 24/7. We store a bulk of best materials for marine use, and we provide high quality services that are really reliable at reasonable prices.
Our main objective is to deserve to be your preferred and reliable one-stop supplier.
Message From President
Dearest friends and valuable customers,
Aidi Family started the Ship chandler businesses Since 1936
with our grand-father, who managed to build up a successful career. Having worked with his father and grasped all the experience of ship chandelling.
Mr. Mohamad Aidi decided to carry on in this field in which he showed up a big competence and a renowned reputation by setting up the Syarn Ship Supply Company.
Safety and Environment
We recognise that our operations have an effect on the local, regional and global environment.
As a consequence, Syarn Ship Supply is committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance and prevention of pollution.
We are committed to continuous innovation and to teamwork. We empower our staff and our organization with necessary skills and tools for the improvement of