Syarn Technical Supply
Our technical department has excellent and renowned reputation in obtaining all your vessels requirements; our expertise and knowledge help the ship owners to obtain the correct items and spare parts at the most competitive price.
We get a wide range of various qualities of cabin, deck, engine and spare parts that we can supply at any time and that are suitable to the budget of all operators, managers and owners.
The Products' List:
•  Cabin Stores – Linens, Cleaning materials and products, Laundry products, Beddings, Bathroom Equipment
•  Deck Stores – Lashing equipment, wires ropes & hawsers, Anchor, Chains, piping & fitting materials
•  Engine Stores – Hoses, Couplings, Bearings, Electrical & Hydraulic Tools, Hand & cutting Tools, Steel & Metals, Lubricants & Cleaners, Packing & Jointing, Welding materials, and crew stores
•  Navigational Equipment and Stationeries
•  Cleaning materials and Products, Utensils & Cutleries, Gastronomy Bar & buffet wares
•  Marine Paints & Chemicals
•  Medical Equipment Supplies and medicines
•  Electrical Stores – Lamps, Cables, Spare parts
•  Special Spare parts, Electrical motors, Valves
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