Safety Equipement
Syarn Ship Supply guarantees its expertise on the basis of approvals and certifications to give you quality products and services in accordance with the local and international regulations in force.

•  Life Rafts and Life Boats
•  Life Jackets/Lifebuoys
•  Lifeboat/Liferaft Accessories
•  IMO Symbols/Safety Signs
•  Pyrotechnics
•  Breathing Apparatus
•  Air Compressors
•  Gas Detectors
•  Safety Lights/Signal Lamps
•  Fire Hose/Fire Hose Couplings
•  Fire Fighting Equipment
•  Chemical Suits
•  Gas Protection Suits
•  Fire Extinguishers
•  Work Vests/Arm Bands
•  Smoke Detector Testers
•  Safety Masks/Respirators
•  Goggles/Ear Muffs/Helmets
•  Safety Belts
•  Safety Tapes