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Syarn Provisions Supply
We get our products from all over the world.
We permanently hold a comprehensive range of fresh, frozen and dry provision to meet the expectations of quality for cargo, navy, cruise, and offshore industries. We get our products from all over the world but with the taste and the touch of freshness from Tunisia. We are really aware of all standards, strict hygiene rules at all levels throughout the supply chain and of course we will implement that at every step. The frozen products would be loaded from our conveniently located warehouses' fridge rooms and delivered directly as soon as possible to the vessels with our frigorific trucks, off course without breaking the cold chain, at all Tunisian ports.
SYARN Safety Supply
The priority area at Syarn Ship Supply
Fire, rescue and safety is vital for a ship's operation and is one of the priority area at Syarn Ship Supply. We provide a full range of quality FRS products, in compliance with all relevant rules and regulations. Our expertise and competence in the area of sea and land safety are at your disposal.
Syarn Technical Supply
Excellent and renowned reputation
Our technical department has excellent and renowned reputation in obtaining all your vessels requirements; our expertise and knowledge help the ship owners to obtain the correct items and spare parts at the most competitive price. We get a wide range of various qualities of cabin, deck, engine and spare parts that we can supply at any time and that are suitable to the budget of all operators, managers and owners.
Syarn Event
Syarn Ship Supply makes Your Custom Event
Custom Events has become a major role player in the offshore and ship industry. With a Mission of providing our clients, with an excellent service through discipline, dedication, integrity and passion and in order to meet the constantly changing needs of our clients, Syarn Ship Supply has a good eye for detail and has a gift for reading her clients. Syarn Ship Supply can co-ordinate and manage your entire event around your needs and amazingly within your budget. Creating Exceptional moments to surprise and bring your teams together.
Syarn Offshore Services
Your preferred and reliable one- stop supplier
Syarn Oil Field services are an even more significant partner of the offshore industry. We create worth and a good assessment for our customers within the offshore sector by focusing on our unique
Other services
Syarn Ship Supply Availability is 24/7
Syarn Ship Supply Availability is 24/7. It provides as mentioned previously a wide range of services including services such as:
> Fresh water supply services
• Complete Catering services