business areas
We supply all kinds of cargo vessels regardless of size (especially, Oil well stimula- tion and Seismic survey vessels), from container ships to bulk carriers with
general ship supplies, marine equipment and spare parts. Whatever you need,
just ask for.
Our supplies are delivered all over Tunisian ports and we can easily coordinate
any kind of delivery on the Tunisian territory.
Our aim is to provide even better services at all Tunisian Ports. In all our branches we have our own experienced staff who is ready to provide the best type and amount of services at the most competitive prices.
We have a long experience in serving the cruise ship industry and ports.
Thanks to our competent and highly experienced staff Syarn Ship Supply is really the suitable company to deal even with very high activity of passenger traffic.
We specialize in taking a good care of the cruise industry's unique and comfort-
able needs. we do not only deal with supplying high quality fresh, frozen and dry provisions, we also supply all engine stores, luxurious bonded stores, adequate cabin, decks and more. We specialized in premium class fresh fruit and vegetables for the cruise industry.
Syarn Oil field services are an even more significant partner of the offshore industry.
We create worth and a good assessment for our customers within the offshore sector by focusing on our unique experience and competence and capabilities in supply, spare parts handling, sales and a wide range of quality marine products.
Our main objective is to deserve to be your preferred and reliable one- stop supplier.
We supply all engine stores, luxurious bonded stores, adequate cabin decks, marine equipment and spare parts and more at all Tunisian ports within the
military and navy sector.
We keep a vast range of all luxurious provisions types. We also have a vast exper- tise in sustaining for military operations and peacekeeping forces.